Friday, July 11, 2008

In A Few Days

So Death Cab for Cutie has a new album coming out, and I’m sure it will be huge, if it isn’t already. I was part of the crowd that saw Death Cab move from an “indie” band to OC acclaim. Does this make them Pop? I have to admit I haven’t listened to Death Cab in a long time, but I want to say the last time I did, it was unfortunately at Starbucks.

So what’s new? You’re looking at it, but is it really any better? I saw Vampire Weekend last summer at a local bar in Eugene, this winter they played SNL. They released their debut album almost a month before, and were already hitting the prime time. I wrote about them, and so did everyone else apparently. Since these things are hit or miss, I am writing about two bands, and hoping for the best.

New Pop bands tease me from all directions these days. The Magistrates are from Essex, and I can’t stop listening to their new song “Make This Work.” This is ridiculous in one sense because they aren’t even with a label. They just have booking information and a band website, but there's something funky in the air. Falsetto vocals cry under pulsing neon keys, and make for Purple Rain anthems that won't quit. Fans of old school greats like Prince and Jamiroquai, not to mention new school names like Jamie Lidell and Hercules and Love Affair, will dig this.

If you dig Melt Banana as much as I do, and want some kick to your pop, I have to confess my affections for Glasgow’s DANANANANAYKROYD. They play “Fight-Pop,” which is basically everything Pop you would expect from Glasgow, infused with spacious breakdowns, and some noisy Hardcore Punk. They're opening for the Japanese noise crew in their hometown late June and are set to release an E.P., Sissy Hits, on Holy Roar earlier that same month. I would love to see them judging from their recorded live samplings, and from experience, I can tell you Melt Banana is unreal.

These two bands don’t deserve being mentioned in the same category. Melt Banana has been putting out splits since the early nineties and these guys have yet to hatch, not to mention fly. It isn’t fair to hope for the best when life is young, triumphs that come after early stumbles should be what leads to fame worthy of praise. Just ask Death Cab.

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junkyardgod said...

Hey, this is Greg. Sorry it took me so long to post something! Dude,the new Death Cab is way better than I thought it would be. The strength of the songwriting along makes it one of the best albums I've heard this year. I'm digging the blog, too! Are you seeing Wolves in the Throne Room on Aug 9 at the Oak Street Speakeasy? I can't wait to see them again! I haven't seen a lot of black metal bands live, but they're the best I've seen so far. And the bassist for Middian, Will, is their new guitarist now because one of the dudes left. So they have a solid connection to Eugene now. Hopefully that means they'll play here a ton when they're not writing their new album. Anyway, keep up the killer writing and I will see you at the show?