Friday, November 21, 2008

Skin Deep

I am sautéing up onions for lunch when I get the urge to write this…

Jens Lekman has a cover of Boyz II Men’s “Water Runs Dry” on stereogum that is absolutely amazing. I have a soft spot for the Boyz from Philly and the world that surrounded that era, but that is a different story. There is another great cover that I ran across, that isn’t getting the same kind of notice, so I will suspend my date with an electirc-coil love, and get this in writing.

Miracle Fortress has done a masterful job of covering Daft Punk’s “Digital Love.” The track is almost spot on, but when the track really picks up, the band throws a wood-block into the mix. The cover song has a whole new life to it while still retaining Daft Punk’s energy. Mmm..Mmm...Love it.

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