Monday, April 13, 2009

More Open Road Please

This past week the sun has decided to represent for a bit before inevitably retreating until mid June. The rising temperature has stirred my desire for making an escape.

Vulture Whale hail from Alabama but remind me of the Violet Femmes (Milwaukee, MI) amongst others, and even rock a little “the boys are back in town” groove on “Tote It to Cleveland, AL.” Their self-titled* album is with out a doubt a willin’ road trip I would leave blaring out the car windows.

They play with guitar twang inspired by spare change, and kick ass on the rockabilly “Guillotine." On songs like “Head Turner,” their opening lyrical humor is both cynical and disarming; “You look good / for a woman you age / I’ll let you know / when you need old lady shoes.” For those who initially perceived this as just another indie band who captured a hip band name without any substance will be surprised.

The album opens and closes with an electronica blip, the humor continues on “Sum Yung Scientist,” but laughs alone on tracks like “Sugar” and “What Do.” On their second album Vulture Whale captures how to smile at the rust gathering around the engine block and chase the sunset.

* I think Vulture Whale has two albums out, and both are self-titled.

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