Sunday, May 3, 2009

Don’t Play the Joker

The new MF Doom, now just DOOM, Born like this is a verbal tongue-lashing bent on squashing limp MC’s. While J Dilla and Jake One highlight production on the album, it can easily be said this is an emcee’s album.

Anyone who has come across a MF/DOOM album is familiar with the lengthy sample interludes, celebrity guests like Danger Mouse and Wu-Tang members, but recognize his work has always about the pen. 2Pac is a perfect example of an emcee who never really had transcendent production values on his albums, but will always be remembered for his lyrics, like them or not. As a lyricist, DOOM is coming from a totally different voice and perspective but both respect the discipline at the same level.

The tragedy is that in 2009 DOOM doesn’t have the same context as the 2Pac/golden era of hip-hop. His audience escapes to the basement while too many up and comers flock to the attic shelf for radio play and a quick dollar. On tracks like “Ballskin” and “Batty boyz” he shaves all sheep naked, and parodies the auto-tune scene on “Supervillian.” The album ends with “Bumpy message” summing it all up.

As much as I love J Dilla, see“Lightworks,” and Jake One; they aren’t Born like this. That slap across your a man called DOOM. Check this out.

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