Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There Goes the Neighborhood

Local band Circa Vitae were kind enough to give me their self-titled EP and asked for a review. Much love and respect 541!

The EP is full with electronic interludes like “Do Gees See Gods” and “Trace Mammoth (Holy Pachyderm),” while holding form on tracks “Stranger” and “Infinity is 8 on it’s Side.” “Smile” recalls some Rooney/northern-Cali sentiments, but most of the EP sounds more like the Flaming Lips.

The term “Indie Rock” has lost it’s footing in an ever growing pool. The Cira Vitea EP is one of the best things going on in Eugene and part of the watershed. This is for fans of The Evangelicals, Super Furry Animals, and Boards of Canada.

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